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Chemical Resistant Gloves


Natural Rubber / Latex Gloves

Natural rubber dispersed in water is known as latex. Natural rubber has a very high elasticity compared to other glove materials, excellent cut and tear resistance, and outstanding grip and temperature resistance. It withstands water, alcohols, and some ketones, but has poor chemical resistance against most hydrocarbon and organic solvents. It can cause allergic reactions in some people.

LC-13 with grip 13"


with grip 14"

With orange lining

LO-14 (14")

LO-18 (18")


Fresh lemon

House hold rubber gloves

Mapa 497

Ultrafood embossed, 13

L-24 shoulder length 24”

Mapa 307

Jersetlite 13

Mapa 301

Super Jersette, 13

Unique etched surface of the LL-301 provides a non-slip grip even on hard-to-grasp materials. Heavy-gauge rubber gives excellent mechanical and chemical protection, high cut resistance and tear strength.

Interlock knit cotton liner absorbs perspiration for all-day comfort, provides easy on-off, thermal protection. Curved-finger, contoured-palm design for excellent fit, low hand fatigue. Pinked cuff, launderable. In compliance with 21 CFR, 170-199.


Neoprene Gloves

Neoprene is the trade name for chloroprene, the first commercial synthetic rubber created. Neoprene has good abrasion and cut resistance, while resisting the effects of aging, sunlight, ozone, oxidation and weather. Also flame resistant, it demonstrates heat stability up to 93C (200F)

407 (13”)

414 (17”)

MAPA Chem-Ply

Unique all-Neoprene construction makes the STANZOIL Chem-Ply the most effective and economical chemical-barrier glove available. Curved-finger, contoured-palm design gives the Chem-Ply excellent fit and comfort. Embossed Z-pattern grip channels fluids away from the working surface to provide a positive non-slip grip even on hard-to-grasp materials. Two-color construction provides a visual indicator of glove wear-through. Self-extinguishing, flame resistant.

In compliance with 21 CFR, 170-199. N-440, N-540 & N-740 meets all performance requirements of NFPA 1992-1994 Edition Hazardous Chemical Emergency Standard.

420 (13”)

450 (16”)

MAPA Technic
Multiple layer construction with natural rubber inner layer for superior flexibility, tear strength and 100% neoprene outer layer for excellent mechanical and chemical protection. Embossed tight-pattern diamond grip avoids greasy solids build-up, provides positive non-slip grip even on hard-to-grasp materials. Cotton flock lining absorbs perspiration for all-day comfort, provides easy on-off. Curved finger, contoured-palm design for excellent fit, low hand fatigue. Choose from a wide range of sizes (6), thickness, color and lengths. In compliance with 21 CFR, 170-199.


STANZOIL® line features a unique multi-layer construction, to avoid the thin spots and pinholes common to single-dipped supported gloves. Durable Neoprene for excellent dexterity, mechanical and chemical protection. Soft, absorbent interlock knit cotton liner adds comfort, easy on-off, high-and low-temperature protection. Roughed overdip provides a positive non-slip grip for hard-to-grasp materials. Two-color construction for a visual indicator of glove wear-through. Launderable. In compliance with 21 CFR, 170-199.


Redmont gloves are premium quality and are designed to wear up to 30% longer than ordinary neoprene-coated gloves. They feature a dipped rough finish for easier and safer handling of wet surfaces, as well as maximum protection when handling oils, acids, caustics, alcohols, and many solvents. Plus, the fabric lining improves snag and puncture resistance. With cotton lining 14” or knitted wrist 10”


For a good resistance to a broad range of chemicals, Chem Master® features a Neoprene-over-Natural Rubber construction that also provides excellent abrasion, tear and puncture resistance. This comfortable, flexible and tactile sensitive glove has a self-flushing tractor-tread grip that encourages run off of fluids that are often trapped by a diamond-shaped embossed pattern, reducing gripping effectiveness. Worker comfort is enhanced by the gloves 100% cotton flock lining. Glove size is embossed on each hand.

Butyl Gloves

North Butyl Rubber gloves offer the highest permeation resistance to water vapor, gases and toxic chemicals. Also resists oxygenated solvents and most oxidizing chemicals. These gloves are designed to provide both tactile sensitivity and manual dexterity. Flexible gloves offer the highest permeation resistance. Available in 14”.

Nitrile Gloves

Made with specially formulated high performance nitrile compound that offer better tactile sensitivity and tensile strength. Specially designed contoured shape and sily cotton flock lining to ensure greater comfort and prevent hand fatigue.  silky cotton flock-lining for better comfort and improved perspiration. Newly designed recessed diamond pattern which offer better grip in both wet & dry conditions. Conforms to en420, CE and FDA standards.



Cotton flocked,


492 13”

491 15”

493 16”


 flocked, embossed, 13

MAPA 495

Cotton flocked, embossed, blue,13"


Flocklined: GNF 2215 –15”, 22mm, GNF 1815 - 15”, 18mm,
GNF 1813 - 13”, 18mm
Unlined: GNU 1813 - 13”, 18mm

MAPA 485

Smooth embossed, 13"  


MAPA 377

Fully coated smooth 38 cm”



PVC Gloves

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a thermoplastic polymer of urethane. PVC offers good abrasion resistance, but may be susceptible to punctures, cuts, and snags. While it is flexible, it does not provide the tactile sensitivity associated with most rubber products. PVC starts to soften at approximately 82°C (180°F). PVC is effective against water and most aqueous solutions, detergents, and diluted bases and acids. It only has limited chemical resistance to organic solvents. PVC is one of the more common coatings for coated work gloves.


with knitted wrist

Available in 10”


Available in 11”, 14” 16” and 18”

Green PVC

Available in 11”, 14” and 16”

Yellow PVC

Available in 14”


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