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Cut Resistant Gloves


CR-1001 Kevlar Standard
emarkable Kevlar® fibre is 5 times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis and is used in high performance products like bullet proof vests and infantry helmets. Superior knit gloves that are made of Kevlar® give exceptional cut-resistance, without sacrificing dexterity or comfort. Kevlar® is also inherently flame resistant. Kevlar® gloves withstand rugged wear and the high level of cut and slash resistance make them ideal for handling metal stampings, glass and other sharp edged materials.

CR-1002 Kevlar Non-Slip

Gives exceptional cut resistance, without sacrificing dexterity or comfort, and have the added grip of PVC dots. Kevlar® is also inherently flame-resistant. They withstand rugged wear, and the high level of cut and slash resistance plus their extra grip make them ideal for handling metal stampings, glass and other sharp-edged materials.

Chainex Stainless Steel Chain

These gloves provide excellent cut and puncture protection for meat and poultry workers and for other applications where maximum protection is required. They score a rating of 5 in both CE and ASTM cut levels. Featuring a taper fit design and a patented system which makes changing a left hand glove into a right hand glove fast and simple. USDA approved, UL listed.

Kevlar standard

Kevlar non-slip


Safety Jogger Shield
Anti-cut ( HPPE ), level 5

Jackson Kleenguard G60
level 3


Stainless steel mesh gloves



Orange PVC Gloves



Mapa Butoflex
Butyl gloves
Available in 14”



Summitech GTF09C
flocked, embossed, 13" 
Marigold G-25
flocked, embossed, 13”
MAPA AF-18 flocked, embossed, 13
Rubberex RNF flocked, embossed, 13

Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves are used in food, industrial, light chemical, dental and medical applications. ( 100 pcs. per box )


Disposable Gloves


Disposable Gloves


Disposable Gloves

Electrical Gloves


Protect yourself against electrical shock. Rubber insulating gloves are among the most important articles of personal protection for electrical workers. These gloves incorporate high dielectric and physical strength. All gloves are tested and certified.Leather protectors should always be worn over rubber insulating gloves to provide the needed mechanical protection against cuts,abrasions and punctures.

Leather protectors are available and are sold separately.


Available in:

- 2.5 KV

- 5 KV

- 10 KV

- 20 KV

- 30 KV

- 40 KV


Available in:

- 10 KV ( 18" )

- 20 KV

- 40 KV ( 16” )


Available in:

- 5 KV (14”)

- 10 KV (14”, 16” & 18”)

- 20 KV (18”)

- 30 KV (16”)


General Purpose Gloves


Consists of cotton and string-knit gloves can be used for a wide variety of applications. Whether you’re looking for cotton, cotton/poly, nylon, fleeced, dipped, dotted, terry, oil-resistant or reinforced, Superior has you covered.

Cotton Gloves

Knit wirst, heavy

Cotton Gloves

Knit wirst, super heavy


Clute Pattern 

Anti Static Jersey Gloves


PVC Dotted Cotton

PVC Dotted Canvas

Terry Cloth Gloves

RCC- Rubber coated with wrinkle finish

Memphis 9780

Blue nitrile coated

Kleenguard G40

Purple nitrile foam coated

Marigold N220

Yellow nitrile foam coated


Rubberized orange palm, long


Rubberized orange or blue palm

Safety Jogger Superpro
Polyester, nitrile grip


Safety Jogger Allflex
Nitrile foam grip


Safety Jogger Construhot
Polyester, latex grip

Safety Jogger Construlow
Polyester, latex grip

Safety Jogger Multitask
Polyester, latex grip

Safety Jogger Concrete
Oil resistant

Ansell Hyflex

Nitrile Palm Coated Gloves

Summitech RL6
Blue nitrile coated

denim w/ leather patch 

Anti Static

Rubberized blue

Jackson Kleenguard G40
Purple nitrile foam coated

Memphis 9780
Blue nitrile coated



Summitech RL9
Green nitrile coated

Blue latex coated


Blue latex coated


Guardline Atom
Rubberized orange palm, heavy duty


Guardline RCC
Rubber coated with wrinkle finish


Guardline KRO
Rubberized orange
Heavy, medium, thin

Guardline Knitted
CR-15 super heavy
CR-14 heavy
CR-12 medium
CR-10 thin
CR-16 hi-viz

Guardline PVC dotted

  • Knitted
  • Knitted ( Hi-viz )
  • Canvas

Glove Clip


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