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High Temperature Gloves

Protect Against Heat, Flames and Sparks

A highly textured form of silica that is inert and does not burn.
Specifications: Asbestos-free, high-tensile strength material withstands temperatures of up to 1100 deg F. Ambidextrous Double Palm Mittens provide extra heat protection for hands. All mittens include 10-oz. wool liner. Finger Cots are perfect when gloves or mittens are too bulky for the job. Prevent damage to fingers and materials during parts handling. Package of 12. All styles are one size fits all.


Zetex Plain Gloves

In 12”,14”,18”


Zetex Plain Mitten

In 12”,14”,18”


ZETEXPLUS® silica fabric has a unique inorganic coating that conducts heat along the fabric surface, not through it, to keep your hands protected. Asbestos-free material withstands temperatures up to 2000 deg F. High-tensile strength. Double Palm Mittens provide extra heat protection. Ambidextrous. Include 10-oz. wool liner.

Zetex Plus Mitten

In 12”,14”,18”



Zetex Plus Gloves

lined cuff type

In 12”,14”,18”

All Aluminized Gloves

In 14”,16”



All Aluminized Mitts

In 14”,16”

Two styles of fully lined aluminized gloves, clute-style gloves with aluminized backs to shield your hands from dangerous burns. Offer long-wearing leather palms, plus the insulating strength of a wool inner lining. 13-oz./sq. yd. Kevlar/fiberglass across the palms. Interiors are fully lined with flame-retardant.

Kevlar® Terry Cloth Gloves Exceptional Insulation Plus Abrasion Resistance. These gloves combine superior insulation against heat and cold with the abrasion resistance of Kevlar. All seams sewn with Kevlar thread. Can withstand temperatures up to 650°F. Nomex lining provides double layer of protection.

Ansell Crusader Flex

Whole-Hand Protection Against Heat. For intermittent handling of moderately hot objects up to 400° F. Long-wearing, nitrile-coated loop material is bonded to an inner felt insulating liner. Heat barrier extends the entire length of the glove. Added rear insulation protects the back of your hands. Washable gauntlet style has no outseams to interfere with comfort and dexterity. 14"L.



Insulated neoprene gloves are constructed of non-toxic synthetic neoprene rubber and an integral cotton jersey thermal liner. The Temp-Tec gloves withstand brief* contact with hot metals up to 480 degrees F and cold contact to -100 degrees F** in hand area. Positive non-slip roughed grip and a two-tone wear indicator to permit glove change-out before abrasion penetrates the shell. Temp-Tec reduces the risk of burns and frost injuries with better ambient temperature recovery than any other insulated glove. In compliance with 21 CFR, 170-199. *Neoprene begins to char when heated above 480 degrees F but will not support combustion. **Cold test was performed holding 9 lbs. of dry ice for 2 minutes.

Cryo Gloves

Protect Against Ultra-Cold or Hot Environments. Special material give you superior protection in extreme temperatures (-260° to 300°F). Lightweight, flexible Standard Cryogen Gloves are made from olefin and polyester (contain no asbestos). Gloves offer you warmth, flexibility and dexterity even with long exposure to ultra cold. Washable. Cryogen Gloves with 100% Waterproof Liner available for use when handling cryogenic liquids.   Not for immersion in liquid nitrogen or use near open flames. Avoid skin exposure in a spill or splash situation.


Leather Working Gloves


Leather is the traditional material of choice for many when it comes to gloves, and has a long and glorious history. As a glove material, it offers a level of abrasion protection that is hard to beat. We continue to offer a fine selection of leather styles because they are still the favorite choice for industrial and construction applications and other heavy-duty jobs.


Reversible top




Full leather cuff type


Imported full premium leather




Cow grain leather palm


Imported with garter USA



Imported with buckle USA



Grain leather with cotton back




Food Handling Gloves

MAPA Temp-cook
Thermal protection up to 250°C, 45 cm

MAPA Superfood
Rubber gloves, embossed

Mapa 497
Ultrafood embossed, 13"

Summitech Nitrile, Food Grade
GI-U-07C – blue
GC-U-07C - green

Summitech NT-U-06C
Natural Rubber, Food Grade

Marigold G10
Food Grip



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