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Howard Leight Max (NRR 33dB)

Uncorded and Corded
MAX pre-shaped foam earplugs feature a smooth outer skin for maximum user comfort. The NRR rating makes the MAX the highest rated disposable earplug. The smooth, soil-resistant skin helps prevent dirt from penetrating the surface prior to insertion. ANSI S3.19-1974/CSA Z94.2.

Howard Leight Max Lite (NRR 30dB)
MaxLite earplugs are ideal for long-term users and those with smaller ear canals. The low pressure foam earplugs offer long-term user comfort not found in other pre-shaped foam earplugs. The non-irritating, non-allergenic self-adjusting foam recovers to fit virtually any ear canal. MaxLite is also ideal for that portion of the population with smaller ear canals. Attenuation tested in accordance with ANSI S3. 19-1974/CSA Z94.2.


E-A-R Classic (NRR 29dB)

Uncorded and Corded

E-A-R Classic Plugs are the most popular earplug in the world. The yellow color is your assurance of proven protection. the moisture resistant, dematologically safe foam is not irritating and its slow recovery provides comfort with low pressure. ANSI S3.19-1974/CSA Z94.2.

Howard Leight AirSoft (NRR 27dB)

AirSoft are reusable earplugs with a patented cushion of air for superior comfort. They feature a shell of soft attenuating material around a pocket of air that is comfortable enough for extended wear. The highest rated reusable earplug available. Washes with soap and water for months of protection. Attenuation tested in accordance with ANSI S3.19-1974/CSA Z94.2.

Howard Leight Fusion (NRR 27dB)
Fusion reusable earplugs use advanced manufacturing technology to deliver a revolutionary combination of all-day comfort and easy handling. FlexiFirm core ensures easy insertion into the ear canal and a superior fit all day long. Fusion's patented SoftFlange design adjusts perfectly to the ear canal to deliver unmatched comfort and superior attenuation. ANSI S3 19-1974/CSA Z94.2

3M Soft Foam (NRR 28dB)
The patented articulated shape provides an improved fit-keeping the earplugs snug and securely positioned. The soft foam material is hypo-allergenic and applies low pressure in the ear canal for added comfort. Earplugs roll down small for easy insertion and fit for small ear canals. They are a bright orange color-making compliance checks easy. ANSI S3.19-1974

E-A-R UltraFit (NRR 25dB)

Uncorded and Corded
The triple flange design hugs the ear canal and increases attenuation. Earplugs are washable and reusable, making them an economical choice. Advance polymer material gives maximum comfort and durability, so you get the most out of every wear. Nontoxic and nonallergenic. ANSI S3. 19-1974/CSA Z94.2

E-A-R Tracer Metal Detectable (NRR 25dB)

Contains a surgical-grade magnetic ball-bearing in the stem that is traceable by most metal detectors. Perfect for the food industry with the standard blue color accepted as the only non-food color in the industry.


Combined with soft synthetic rubber earplug, PP tubular insert device, nylon neck string, and portable poly box.

CE EN 352-2 and ANSI S3.19. NRR: 25 dB


Corded earplug with neck string blue rounded case


Ear plug with PP tubular insert device, nylon neck string, portable poly box in poly bag.

E-A-R Express Pod Plugs Series (NRR 25dB)
Uncorded and Corded
These reusable earpods feature the patented InstaSeal system, which combines a unique pod shape with a soft grip. The grip design eliminates the chance of contamination. The soft foam pods have a slow recovery time offering a customized and secure fit every time. Designed to not shift or dislodge with jaw movement. ANSI S3.19-1974/CSA Z94.2

E-A-R Carboflex
(NRR 20dB)

The silicone pods contain a foam plug core for a sure fit and provide high noise reduction. Pods swivel to properly align with and enter almost any size ear canal. The Carboflex is great for use with hard hats or safety glasses, when worn under the chin. ANSI S3.1901974/CSA Z94.2
spare parts available

E-A-R Earflex (NRR 28dB)

The hearing band conveniently hangs around your neck when not in use, making it easy to keep your hearing protection with you; especially when you have to keep putting on and taking off hearing protection. Soft foam pods pivot on hearing band for an easier and better fit. Lightweight plastic hearing band is hi-vis orange for easy identification. ANSI S3.1901974/CSA Z94.2

 Howard Leight
Wall-mounted dispenser with 400 pairs earplugs. The fully transparent, eye-catching design encourages use.



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