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Half Masks

AOSafety Singular Half Mask

This reusable AO Safety mask is lightweight design enables you to work easily without slowing down. It featurs a soft rubber face piece with two exhalation valves for easy breathing.It is easy to clean and disassemble.

AOSafety Dual Half Mask

The FLEXI-STAR®. The ultimate in flexibility. As the name indicates, the respirator was designed to offer wearers flexibility. The economical price allows for single-use applications yet, they can be used over and over again.


Cartridges for Singular and Dual:
51A -
Organic Vapor
52A -
Acid Gases
54A -

AOSafety EZ Drop

Universal fit mask, Slide / Release strap Economical respirator, No-snag straps to get caught in hair, Double exhalation valves - Less breathing resistance than many competitor respirator, CE Approved


Cartridges for EZ Drop:

8071 A1 - Organic Vapor

8072 B1 - Inorganic Vapor

8073 E1 - Acid Gases

8075 K1 - Ammonia

North 5500

Made from soft, hypoallergenic elastomer to provide comfort, fit, and ease of maintenance. The facepiece conforms gently to the worker's face. The cradle suspension system adds comfort and provides proper positioning of the respirator, for an even seal without creating sensitive pressure points. NIOSH approved when used with North cartridges and/or filters.

North 7700
Facepiece is made of soft, hypoallergenic silicone which conforms to the worker's face. The cradle suspension system also adds to the comfort of this respirator. The facepiece is non-slip and creates a tight seal. The low-profile design gives workers a wide field of vision and room for protective eyewear. NIOSH approved when used with North cartridges and/or filters.


Cartridges for 5500 and 7700:

N-7500-3 - Organic Vapor and Acid Gases
N-7500-1 - For Paint and Pesticides

3M 7702

Soft, lightweight silicone formulation and advanced face seal shape provide improved wearer comfort and a tighter, more secure fit on the face.

7001 K-100 - Organic Vapor
7007 K-100 - Acid Gases

3M 3200

Ideal for spray painting, chemical spraying and coating, fumigation, degreasing, cleaning and maintenance.

Cartridges for 3200

3301 K-100 - Organic Vapor
3311 K-100 - Organic Vapor w/ Prefilter
3303 K-100
- Organic Vapor / Acid Gases

3M 7200 / 3M 7300

Offers the user comfort and convenience coupled with the cost savings of a reusable respirator. The swept back design of the cartridges improves balance and visibility. Remarkably comfortable, soft, lightweight and easy-to-adjust head straps. Can be easily disassembled and cleaned. NIOSH approved.

Cartridges for 7200 / 7300

7251 - Organic Vapor
7253 - Acid Gases
- Ammonia and Methytamine
7255 - Dusts, Mists, Fumes


3M 6200 ( Thermoplastic ) / 3M 7502 ( Silicone )

Advanced soft silicone material and a unique adjustment design help to reduce tension and pressure points on the face for unsurpassed comfort. Unique head harness gives the user the option of wearing the respirator in either traditional or drop-down mode. 3M™ Cool-Flow™ Exhalation Valve greatly reduces heat and moisture buildup. NIOSH approved.  

Cartridges for 6200 / 7502:

6001 - Organic Vapor
- Acid Gases
6003 - Organic Vapor / Acid Gases
- Ammonia Methylamine
6006 - Multi-Gas Vapor

6009 - Mercury Vapor / Chlorine


3M 7093 P100 Particulate filter

3M 501 - Dust

3M 502 - HepaAdaptor filter

3M 5N11


3M 2071

Fumes, radiation and asbestos filter

3M 2091

Dust and mist filter



MSA Comfo Classic

Features a unique face seal design that gives wearers an exceptional fit. Featuring SoftFeel® silicone facepiece, which increases the comfort factor dramatically. Requiring only routine filter replacement, the Comfo Classic is approved by NIOSH for use against a variety of respiratory hazards.


Cartridges for Comfo:

GMA - Organic Vapor

GMC - Acid Gases
GMD - Ammonia

GME - All

Type-H - Fumes and Mists

P100 - Prefilter

Survivair Valueair ( S-series and T-series )

When you need superior protection and comfort  this durable half mask respirator does the job. Designed to be a great value yet comfortable with its thermoplastic elastomer facepiece. It includes a soft sealing comfort flange and angled forward nosepiece to easily accommodate eyewear. The simple sliding suspension is easy to adjust ensuring a good fit. Its compatible with T-series cartridges.

Survivair Premier ( S-series and T-series )

Low breathing resistance for maximum comfort. One of the easiest breathing respirators of its type, the Survivair Premier incorporates a perspiration port to reduce facepiece slippage and skin irritation. This high quality, silicone respirator includes a soft sealing flange with rolled edges for increased wearer comfort.    

Cartridges for Valueair and Premier:

For S-Series:

S-04 - Ammonia

S-05 - Organic Vapor and Acid Gases
For T-Series:

T-04 - Ammonia

T-05 - Organic Vapor and Acid Gases

Shigematsu GM-31

Ultra Lightweight, Double cushion face piece provides a good seal and pliable fit, Lightweight cartridge gives wide vision.

Shigematsu GM-76D

Excellent for paint spraying, Double-cushion face piece provides stable fit.

Shigematsu DR-30AH

Lightweight and compact, Screw-in type filter enables simple replacement.

Shigematsu DR-28

Newly designed face-piece provides a pliable fit, Excellent for welding, Can be used with a helmet.

Cartridges :
CA-IPI-OV - Chemical
UIAH - Dust and Fumes
CA-104HS - Hydrogen Sulfide

Gardwel 1065

Single respirator with rubber and PE Cartridge Holder.

Gardwel 1050

Dual respirator with rubber and PE Cartridge Holder.




3012 - Dusts and Mists

3053 - Organic Vapor and Acid Gases

3057 - Spray Paint

3057-1 - Pre-filter


Single, dust


Dual, dust

NP- 305

Single, chemical

NP- 306

Dual, chemical


Single, chemical


Dual, chemical


RC201 / RC1 -  Dust Filter

RC202 / RC2 - Organic Vapors, Mists, Fumes

RC203 / RC3 - Spray Painting and organic vapors

RC205 / RC5 - Acid Gases

RC206 / RC6 - Organic, Inorganic vapors and acid gases

RC209 / RC9 - Agricultural sprays.



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