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Full Masks


Sperian Optifit

Dual filter mask, with secure Click-fit system. Wide field of vision ensuring excellent lateral and downwards visibility. Polycarbonate visor, Facepiece seal on U-shaped faceblank makes it lightweight and resistant to wear and ensuring good facial compatibility (auto fit), Weight: 570 grams, Five-strap head harness, Quick-release adjusting buckles, Side lobes for wearing presciption spectacles inside mask, Built-in plastic speech diaphragm for better speech transmission, SILICONE exhalation valve

* Cartridges: Ammonia, Organic Vapor and Acid Gases

Sperian Chin-type

Wide field of vision ensuring excellent lateral and downwards visibility, Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) visor, Facepiece seal on faceblank, making the mask lightweight and resistant to wear, Good facial compatibility, One size with a high face, Adaptability coefficient, Five-strap head harness, Quick-release adjusting buckles, Cotton neck strap, Side lobes for wearing prescription spectacles inside mask, Silicone exhalation valve, RD40 x 1/7" connection to mask conforming to the EN 148-1 standard

* Canisters: Ammonia, Organic Vapor and Acid Gases


Vispro M-2
Dual Cartridge

Vispro M-3

Vispro Full Face Mask

Face piece covers eyes, nose and mouth. Faceblank made in thermoplastic rubber. Two screw threaded cartridge connector. Integrated speech diaphragm inhalation and exhalation valve. Head harness in one piece with 5 anchorage points. Panoramic visor in polycarbonate.

* Cartridges for M-2:
K-1 - Ammonia;E-1 - Organic Vapor and Acid Gases

* Canisters for M-3:
K-2 - Ammonia; A2B2 - Organic Vapor and Acid Gases; A2B2E2K2P3 - All Purpose


3M 6800

Reusable Full Facepiece offers users comfort and convenience - coupled with cost savings. The facepiece is made of a thermoplastic elastomer, making it remarkably comfortable, soft and lightweight.


3M 7800S

Full Face respirator is a durable elastomeric facepiece designed for a wide range of applications. The full facepiece is made of silicone and features a double-flap face seal and six easy-adjusting straps. The facepiece is soft and pliable with a scratch-resistant lens which provides the wearer an unobstructed view. The extra-large inhalation and exhalation valves help make breathing easier. The 7800S series is designed for versatility, comfort and long life.


* Cartridges: Organic Vapor, Acid Gases, Ammonia and Methytamine, Dusts, Mists, Fumes


Sancheong Full Face Mask Long lasting with good elasticity, made from none toxic silicon rubber. Made from Policarbonate It is wider than the general gas mask with a good vision and endures sudden shock and is anti scratch.

* Catridges: Ammonia, Acid Gases and Organic Vapor * Canisters: Ammonia and Acid Gases




Self Contained Breathing Apparatus ( SCBA )


Fenzy SCBA c/w 6 litre x 200 bar steel cylinder (Industrial Type). Conformance to EN137 & 136, SOLAS with EC approval from Bureau Veritas. Replaceable anti-scratch and anti-chlorine coated polycarbonate lens with stainless steel half rims. Positive pressure is automatically secured in the facemask once it is connected. No breathe required. Airflow is automatically cut-off once it is disconnected from the facemask, thus saving on air. Two-click quick connector.New compensating pressure reducer for 200 or 300 bar cylinders. Swivel mounted to facilitate easy fitting of all types of cylinders. Unique safety pressure relief valve. Adjustable straps to accommodate from 4 liters to 9 liter cylinders.


North SCBA full, soft silicone facepiece designed with a dual-sealing flange, oral/nasal cup and a polycarbonate lens with greater than 200° field of vision. Regulator has only three moving parts, a "fail-open" design and protected housing. Comfortable polypropylene harness system and ergonomically designed aluminum backplate. Chest-mounted pressure gauge and warning whistle. Includes a shelf and single SCBA cylinder bracket. Exterior dimensions: 20"W x 13"D x 32-1/2"H.


MSA Workmask SCBA combines the capabilities of an SCBA and an air-line respirator in one lightweight, economical unit designed When used in the air-line mode, the cylinder is bypassed. Upon disconnection of the air line, air is automatically supplied from the unit's low-pressure 30-minute-rated Composite II Cylinder. Key components include: an Ultravue or Ultra Elite facepiece; a 30" breathing tube; a regulator; a low-pressure warning bell; a cylinder; and a durable nylon harness.


Scott Sigma SCBA has been packaged to provide a simple and effective solution for use in industry. Proven pneumatic system provides excellent performance. Ergonomically designed backplate and polyester webbing harness. Fully adjustable cylinder band allows sabres full range of cylinder to be used. Easy maintenance and low through life costs. CE marked to EN137 & EN139, AS1716, MED approved.


Sancheong SCBA specially waist belt design for safety and comfort. Enables the user to breathe with the ambient air. The gauge can be seen easily read in the dark. The facepiece band is from a high quality rubber. The low air warning device is located on the user's shoulder. The hose is wrapped up with stainless steel. The air respirator has a by-pass valve. The Breathing vessel is Aluminum (Carbon Fiber). Usage time is APPROX 30 Min.



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