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Welding Electrodes and Wires

WYLER ENTERPRISES, INC. is an Exclusive Distributor of PHILIPS / WELDWELL ELECTRODES of Napier, New Zealand.

There are Techniques for Selected Applications of electrodes such as:
  a.) Electrodes for Welding Mild Steel
  b.) Low hydrogen Electrodes for Welding Mild and Medium Tensile steels
  c.) Electrodes for Welding High Tensile Steel
  d.) Electrodes for Welding Creep Resistant Steels
  e.) Electrodes for Welding Problem Steels
  f.) Electrodes for Welding Stainless Steels
  g.) Electrodes for Welding Cast Iron
  h.) Electrodes for Hardfacing
   i.) Electrodes for Special Metals
   j.) Electrodes for Gouging and Cutting


Arc Welding and Accessories

Welding Rod Holder/ Electrode Holder
Lenco AF-25 (300 amps)
Lenco AF-3 (350 amps)
Lenco AF-35 ( 400 amps)
Jackson (300, 500 amps)
Samson (300, 400, 500 amps)
UniAir (350, 500 amps)

Neoprene Welding Cable
in 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0 (USA)

Arc Welding Cable
in 38mm, 50mm,70mm, 90mm


Cable Connector
Lenco LC-10 (1 to 1/0)
Lenco LC-40 (1 to 2/0)
Lenco LC-40HD (3/0 to 4/0)
UniAir (2/0)
Tweco (3/o to 4/0)


Arc Air Torch with 7” cable

Uni-Air K-3 ( 350 amps )
Uni-Air K-4 ( 400 amps )
Uni-Air K-5 ( 500 amps )

Arc Air Gouging Rod
for carbon, 3/16”, 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”



Ground Clamp / Earth Clamp
Lenco EG-300 (300 amps)
Lenco G-200HD (200 amps)
Lenco G-300HD (300 amps)
Lenco G-500HD (500 amps)
UniAir (300, 500 amps)
Tweeco (500 amps)


Stainless Steel brush with handle USA

Electrode Oven
available in 10,13,15 up to 300 lbs. capacity



Inspection Mirror

Ullman. Circular Telescoping Mirror 2 1/4" mirror diam.
Overall length 10", extends to 14"USA

Chipping Hammer
One point end and one chisel end with spring handle to prevent kickback. USA

Weld Fillet Gage

Measures concave or convex seams. Stainless steel blades, etched increments. 1/8" thru 1" and metric equivalents. USA

Gas Welding and Cutting


- Cutting Outfit
- Flashback Arrestor
- Argon Flowmeter
 – Regulator
- Torch
- Twin Hose

Tungsten Electrodes
pure tungsten rod and 2% thoriated ground 1/16, 3/32, 1/8, 5/5



Cutting tip
for Victor, Harris, Cigweld, Koike available in 1,2,3 sizes.

Spark lighter and
Flint Stone

Cutting and grinding disc



Wypo tip cleaner


Tig Torches and Accessories




Weldcraft Tig torch assembly

WP-17V, WP-17FV ( 150amp )

WP-26V, WP-26FV ( 200amp

Carbide Burr
- Single, Double cut
- all types of shapes, shank dia. and length
- imported

Weldcraft consumables:
power cable assembly, water hose assembly, torch back cap ( long & short) alumina gas lens, lava nozzle, cup gasket ( lower upper) coupler, collet, collet stubby, collet body, gas lens collet boy, alumina cap, ceramic cap, torch handle ribbed and valve knob & stem.


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